Trapperlager im HANSA-PARK

Trappers‘ Camp

Eating like a trapper in the Wild West! Where else can you do that in style but at the wild-romantic Trappers’ Camp right by the Wild West town of Bonanza City. Five trapper lodges made of massive logs offer a roofed floor area of some 20 sq/m each. All of them are equipped with rustic tables and benches, seating approximately 20 persons. 

At the Trappers’ Camp we serve you a country-style barbecue for up to 100 persons. Our accompanying programme featuring an exciting competition or a visit to our high-rope garden Navajo Trail will make your event a memorable one that your guests will talk of for a long time afterwards.

General Venue Specifications

Total floor area 500 sq/m
Capacity max. 100 persons
Type of seating benches
Flooring sand
Level access yes, but the lodges are slightly elevated
Particulars 5 roofed trapper lodges accommodating up to 20 persons each
Location Adventure Land