Alderman Breakfast

(at the globetrotter restaurant “Weltumsegler”, min. 20 persons)

  • 2 rolls, butter
  • Smoked salmon, cheese, assorted sliced cold meats
  • Jam
  • 1 hot drink of your choice

(Price on request)

Kogge und Welle

Gold Prospector Breakfast "Alamo"

(at the "Fort Alamo Saloon" min. 80 persons, duration: about 1.5 hours)

Western Bread

  • Freshly baked bread rolls and bread
  • Butter

Gold Depot

  • Wild honey and jam
  • Wide selection of cheeses
  • Choice of assorted sliced cold meats
  • Crispy ham
  • Freshly cooked fried and scrambled eggs
  • Hearty grilled sausages


  • Various types of muesli

Hot Beverages and Juices

  • Coffee, tea, hot chocolate
  • Orange juice, multi-vitamin juice, apple juice, soft drinks

(Price on request)