High-Rope Course „Navajo-Trail“

The Navajo Trail, the path of the chieftains, requires courage and promotes team spirit. High up in airy heights you realise your own limits. How perfect then that others are there to help you overcome your fears - a fascinating and unforgettable experience!

When the high-rope garden and obstacle course opened at HANSA-PARK in 2006, it was the first of its kind at a theme park. It proved a resounding success with our guests, which was reason enough for us to further expand this interactive and innovative attraction in 2008 to become the highest and largest high-rope garden of its kind in all of Europe (Sky Trail) at that time. The course’s length and number of exercises – among them plenty of completely new ones – have been more than doubled.

Our Navajo Trail has been lovingly integrated into the Adventure Land and even leads across water. What’s special is that you can use it in any weather conditions and also after the sun has set.

During the park’s opening hours, the Navajo Trail high-rope garden is included in the all-inclusive entrance price as are all the other ride attractions in the park. It is therefore not possible to hire the high-rope garden exclusively during the regular opening hours.

You and your guests may, however, enjoy exclusive use of the high-rope garden * after the park has been closed to the public.

* Prices on request