Pony Post im HANSA-PARK

Pony Express

Follow the cowboys to the Wild West horses browsing in front of the Pony Express. Do you feel like taking a ride or joining an inter-active Pony Express tournament? Well – what are you waiting for then?
An exciting ride will sure make you work up a healthy appetite. While the horses are grazing in the pasture, you and your guests go looking for a cosy corner in the empty horse boxes where our rangers have already prepared everything for you. Enjoy a country-style barbecue followed by a dessert buffet which our chef created to the original recipes from the Wild West.

General Venue Specifications

Total floor area 5–7 horse boxes of 5.5 sq/m each
Capacity 50–70 persons
Type of seating benches
Flooring natural stone flooring
Level access yes
Particulars roofed
Location Bonanza City