Ranger-Party im HANSA-PARK

Ranger Party

for groups of up to 75 persons

Strangers are not exactly fond of entering the legendary Wild West town of Bonanza City alone. How fitting that you’ve got a real cowboy by your side! He will get into the HANSA-PARK Express Wild West train with you and head straight towards the “Wild West”.

Can you hear it already, the swinging sound of country and western music? Is your mouth watering at the smell of delicious Wild West delicacies? Don’t worry, you’ll be there soon -the legendary place where the dusty prairie sand gathers on window mullions.

Walk over together into the heart of the Wild West town. There, at the Saloon “Last Chance”, the cowboy-style ranger party is going to take off in a moment. Yee-haw – and you’ll be part of it!