Fluch von novgorod bei Nacht

Ride Attractions

Have you ever wanted a leisure park all to yourself? Now you can - at HANSA-PARK nothing is impossible. We’d be delighted to reserve one or more of the over 125 attractions* exclusively for you, also after the park has closed to the public!

Below are some attractions available for exclusive hire

Go river rafting on the Störtebeker's Sea Raid and whirl your way through steep bends and raging river rapids in round rubber dinghies

Follow the traces of the gold prospectors, thunder through the mine and navigate the curves on our Crazy Mine’s mine train.

Enjoy “The Bell” – worldwide the only such flying and spinning fun for adrenaline fans. The bell’s total weight of more than 80 tonnes sends you high up into the air, swinging back and forth up to a maximum of 120º at a speed of up to 70km/h.

Or hop into the funny clay jugs of the “Pow Wow” to spin around at breathtaking speeds.

* Prices on request